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January 19, 2008

The Orphanage (2008)

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The Orphanage

The Orphanage arrives on these shores with Guillermo Del Toro‘s name above the title, using that “famous-director-presents” formula that Quentin Tarantino’s name figures in every now and then. Interesting to see Del Toro throwing that kind of weight around… Anyway, it worked on me – Del Toro made my favorite ghost story in years, The Devil’s Backbone; and here he is beckoning us to a new one from Juan Antonio Bayona, who seems to have a knack for it.



The Best Movie of 2007?

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For fans of There Will Be Blood…

January 18, 2008

The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three poster

Walter Matthau is a particular favorite of mine. The greatest curmudgeon in movies (with the possible exception of W.C. Fields), Matthau brought his gruff wit to comedy classics like The Bad News Bears, The Odd Couple, and the highly underrated A New Leaf, but was equally at home in thrillers like Charade, Fail-Safe and the excellent Charley Varrick. His sense of timing is without equal, his vocal control is amazing, and his reactions are works of art – I’ve never seen such subtle double (and triple!) takes as the ones peppered throughout A New Leaf; Matthau can create meaning with the slightest motion of his eyes. And what a face!

Walter Matthau and Jerry Stiller in The Taking of Pelham One Two Three


January 16, 2008

Quote Of The Day

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Side Street poster 

“You like poetry, hon? George hated poetry. He hit me once when I recited Robert Burns; he hit me right in the eye… George was no good.”

Jean Hagen (bottom left in the poster) in Side Street (1950) 

Marathon Man (1976)

Marathon Man poster

Dustin Hoffman has made a career playing characters with little Character – vague, watery men, incapable at times of even speaking, much less acting. Sometimes this works to his advantage, as in The Graduate, where the comedy is his haplessness, or Straw Dogs, in which he is forced to confront this weakness at an existential level. But other times, in place of Character, Hoffman lets loose with a barrage of tics and, taken to the extreme, he wins an Oscar for Rain Man.


January 13, 2008

Watch This Space! (Norman Mailer vs Rip Torn)

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We’re gonna be posting about stuff we watch: mostly movies, but also TV shows, YouTube videos, music videos – whatever catches our eye…

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