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February 4, 2008

Bachelor Party (1984), Part II

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Tris writes, “I really enjoyed Bachelor Party.  I was twelve at the time, and that may have had something to do with it, but still… that was my kind of movie. Its only flaw, in my opinion, was that Rodney Dangerfield was not in it. But he was there in spirit.”

      Dangerfield would have been the cherry on the top, definitely.

Stefany writes, “I still think that Bachelor Party is some of Hanks’ finest work.”


Jeff writes, “terse stuff yano. I guess you just don’t “get” adrian zmed stick to the art fag movies from now on.”

      I saw Grease 2 in the theaters, friend.

Listen, I like Bachelor Party as much as the next guy. Not in the sense that I’d want to watch it sober more than once every twenty years; but it’d be fun at a frat – every time someone says “hookers” or “tits”, drink, and I guarantee you’ll be wasted in half an hour. Does that make it “good”? Okay.


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